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The food has been created in keeping with traditional home Indian cooking but with customers individual palates in mind. So whether you like it hot or mild, we can provide it without losing the flavour of the dish. We can cater for your individual tastes as our food is cooked freshly onsite.

Our aim is to provide our customers with genuine Indian food but with excellent customer service. This is why we have embraced techhnology and added the service of ordering Indian food online.

We want to be different from the mainstream takeaways and focus on good food as well as creating customer loyalty. By storing your online orders, we can offer you great deals on the food that you actually love. Through special offers, we may try and tempt you to broaden your palate and try other items on our menu. We want you to experience authentic Indian food at its best and keep you coming back for more!

In order for us to keep you coming back for more, your feedback on our food and service is something we rely on. With your input , we will be able to improve our service and offerings and create a life long relationship with you. Please feel welcome to use our guestbook section for any comments you would like to make.

Our commitment in delivering our promise of good food and services is of the utmost importance and the key to our success. We believe that there are always improvements to be made and that with your help, we can make those changes, for the better!

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